What Is An LLC?

It’s the jivest entity out there. It’s the structure everyone is talking about. It’s the fluid….it’s the incomparable…LLC!     What Is An LLC? I recently uploaded a video to Youtube that briefly explains what an LLC is, without all of the confusing and flowery language. I also give you examples of when using an […]

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A Little Social Impact Sunday Reading: Social Enterprise Law

I’m currently in the middle of a few structure projects, and wanted to brush up on what’s happening. This book came up on a list of resources for social enterprises and just arrived (stupid storms). Super excited to dive in while I travel, especially on the piece around capital markets. From time to time I […]

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How Your Business Can “Do Good” While Making Money

Happy belated Thanksgiving folks! Hoping you and yours had a good one. Snatching a chance to catch-up, after a busy two weeks. Got to hang out with change-maker’s at the Nonprofit Institute earlier last week, pep talk kick-butt lawyers (to be) at the University of Houston, grace a panel discussion with a few pioneers to […]

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The Dangers With a For-profit and Nonprofit Hybrid Structure

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Every so often, a group of us sit down with folks from the IRS Exempt Orgs Section and chat. Talk about upcoming developments, things the IRS sees and for us to watch out for. In June, there was a lengthy discussion on structuring for-profit/nonprofit hybrid structures that stuck out to me.  One, it’s interesting the IRS is seeing so […]

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Why You May Be Donating Wrong and My Brush With Effective Altruism

A few years ago, I suggested nonprofits might start to see laws requiring impact benchmarks to keep their nonprofit status.  Sadly, much like the prospects of a reunion N’Sync tour, this hasn’t come to pass. At least not entirely, though watchdog groups and state agencies are starting to ask more questions about this. The irony is, it has come […]

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