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July 16, 2016


As finalize the first draft of the book (FINALLY!) I want to post here from time to time for feedback. Currently, I’m working on a both that walks charities through the process of brainstorming, creating, running and winding down an organization. But in a way that’s digestible, with task suggestions and task lists. What makes it different than all the other books out there? For one, it’s written by an attorney with a focus on not boring you into a coma state. So you get the benefit of a legal background AND not being comatose, a win-win.

Another difference is the way the book is broken down. Many of the books I’ve read so far are overwhelming. Much of that comes from trying to cover the entire world of charities in one nifty manual. Impossible. Or at the very least, not an interesting  read. What I do is get you thinking about general concepts and questions to ask, to get you started on your path

What I do is get you to think about general concepts and questions to ask, to get you started on the path of discovering what exactly YOU need.

Pretty soon I’ll post title ideas and book cover mockups, both of which I want to post here for votes. And I want to hear from YOU all about what YOU want.

The idea for the book came from questions I got, most of which dealt with “what next?” This book seeks to through that, also giving you tangible tasks to work through. But in a digestible and funny way.

So that’s it for now! If there is a topic you have seen so far that you’d like to see, drop a comment here.