Things To Bear In Mind When Finalizing And Signing A Contract

So I was recently “inspired” by a contract I received a few nights ago from a local organization. I”m not exaggerating when I say looking at it for five minutes forced me to  lay it down, center myself and breathe (the ED and I had a laugh about it the next morning so don”t feel bad).

Several different terms were used to refer to the same thing, there was no formatting, flowery words I couldn”t quite figure out were thrown in and you could tell where other contracts had been copied and pasted. This got me to thinking, I”ve talked alot about different types of contracts (a few of these posts are below) and the logistics involved with each. But I”ve never really started at ground zero basics. Things like defined  terms, what certain words mean, etc.

As a result, I”m going to start a running list in Google Docs with a few basic reminders, considerations and definitions. I plan to update it as I go along, so be sure to check it out periodically. And for you avid negotiators/attorneys out there, don”t hesitate to send a tip to add to the list.

Here”s the link.

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