An Example For Your Next Volunteer Agreement

This week I worked with an organization on updating their volunteer agreement. Thought I”d post a few of the suggestions I came up with for others to marinate on and comment. What else are YOU putting into your agreements? I”ll probably update this as we finalize.

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The Contract Process and Steps to Managing it: Part I [INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC]

Okay, okay. Last contracts post…..for now. But in all fairness, this deluge of posts comes from the surprisingly large amount of questions I’m getting from organizations about contracts. From how to draft them to which contracts to use it seems organizations are starting to get hip to reality; nonprofits are a business and have to […]

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Things To Bear In Mind When Finalizing And Signing A Contract

So I was recently “inspired” by a contract I received a few nights ago from a local organization. I”m not exaggerating when I say looking at it for five minutes forced me to  lay it down, center myself and breathe (the ED and I had a laugh about it the next morning so don”t feel […]

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A List of “Considerations” When Entering Into A Contract

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and finally got a sec to put something together. Below you’ll find a brief list of considerations I’ve found people should be keeping in mind when entering into certain contracts. These generally apply where someone is purchasing or selling a tangible good (i.e. a radio […]

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Nonprofits and Joint Ventures Part Deux: Tax Treatment

As always, when engaging in a new endeavor organizations have to think about their bread and butter; tax exemption status. This is even more important with JV”s, since quite a few sensitive tax issues can crop up and serious consequences suffered if missed. Not holding myself out to be the Gabby Douglas of tax (Go […]

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