Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From the Hershey’s Controversy

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  I’ve kept up with the Hershey’s controversy on and off for a little while now. For those not familiar, the Boards of Hershey’s Trust and School (yes, the chocolate) were being accused of all kinds of indiscretions and abuses. I was happy to see the ordeal recently brought to a close, with the Boards cleared [...]

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Nonprofit Data Collection and Use: Could This Become A Legal Obligation One Day?

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Like me, you all have probably noticed a big increase in the number of conversations on data measurement, collection and use by nonprofits. Personally, the more I’ve read about it  the more I start to wonder if we’ll see these conversations hop over from the best practice side onto the legal side. I say this [...]

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Important Employer Update: IRS Expands Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program

Whenever the topic of a hire comes up, especially a first hire, the conversation tends to go like this: Organization: By the way, we’re looking into hiring our first (insert position)…sooooo excited. Me: Fantastic! Have you spoken with someone in HR or someone that does employment law? Organization: Eh. No. We’re just going to have [...]

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Revisiting How We Talk About Nonprofits And My Conversation With StayClassy

I came across a piece I thought would serve as a great segway for a post I”ve meant to write for a while now. There”s been tons of articles discussing the unfair treatment exempt/social-benefit organization”s get in comparison to their for-profit counterparts. Specifically, in Business Can”t Solve the World”s Problems- But Capitalism Can the author argues that the principles [...]

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Get Your Tickets To The Largest Philanthropy Awards Show (and Networking Event) in the Country: Special Offer For Notations Readers

I’ll have more on the phenomenal group behind this event in a little, but didn’t want to wait any longer to get this offer up. The folks at StayClassy have been kind enough to offer Notations readers a promo code for its  upcoming event (which also happens to be one of the largest philanthropy awards [...]

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