ED as Board President? Good or Bad Idea?

Mullets, motorized stools and Turducken. All clearly bad ideas. But one debate with not so clear an answer is whether an Executive Director should also serve as an organization’s Board President. I know where I line up on the issue. The two positions should be separate. But it might be helpful (for me and possibly […]

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Are Supermajority Votes Really That Super? Or Is It An Ego Thing?

I believe there are many conventions that survive solely because they sound schnazzy. Like any present use of the word of “indubitably.” And l’m convinced the supermajority vote is another one of these. Not a bird or a plane, supermajority votes are where more than a “simple majority” has to vote in favor of something for […]

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ND Attorney General Says “No, No, No” To Shelter’s Executive Meetings

Well, had a “wowza” moment after reading about this. The Board of a North Dakota animal shelter held closed sessions (executive meetings) twice last Fall to discuss terminating an Executive Director and the possibility of a lawsuit as a result. The first closed session was to talk about the Executive Director and other personnel issues. […]

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New Year, New Org: Nonprofit New Year’s Resolutions

You’ll stop going to Krispy Kreme….on Sundays. You’ll work out more….than zero times a week. And you’ll stop playing Candy Crush…..until 2am. So many of us are in the throes of setting resolutions. But what about those nonprofit organizations we work for or run? They shouldn’t be left out the fun. What might those resolutions […]

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When A Nonprofit Proxy Goes Wrong, Really Wrong

And honestly, if a Director can’t put in the time (be it a legitimate excuse like football season or otherwise) a proxy appointment is of least concern. They should probably step down and sit on an advisory committee. You know. Every now and again I chant for a teaching tool, just a little something to help get a point across. […]

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