Have You: Created A Charter For Your Nonprofit Committee?

In a recent post I talked about a few things organizations should do when they create or utilize board committees. One of the things I mentioned (that I’m a huge fan of) is the committee charter. It’s kinda like a constitution for a committee and helps make committees more effective by setting out the who, […]

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Have You: Created a Mission Statement?

So often I’m asked to comment on things that are strategic. And it can be extremely tough to navigate that thin line between advising on legal strategy and stepping over into business strategy. For example, when helping with formation I may get asked about name choice or strategic planning; both of which I feel are […]

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Have You: Created a Gift Acceptance Policy?

I’ve noticed that organizations are starting to get the hang of Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower policies. But the Gift Acceptance policy is one that still seems to get overlooked; even though there are a variety of reasons for having one in place. For starters, they protect against jeopardizing a tax-exempt status, lower the risk of taking […]

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Have You: Thought Through Attorney-Client Privilege?

Attorney-client privilege, a fickle concept that can allude both laymen and attorneys alike. But it’s an important one, and the more organizations I speak with the more I realize how many misunderstand it. In fact, I can’t count how many people attempt to confide in me under the auspices that whatever they disclose has to […]

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Have You: Taken a Look at Your Articles of Incorporation?

Short post tonight. Helping an organization look over their organizational documents and gauge what needs to be amended and what may need to be created. And in doing so, I thought of something. Earlier, I wrote about needing to look at your by-laws and ensuring they stay up to date (particularly since these are so […]

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