What NOT To Do When It’s Time For Your Organization to Wind-down

You read about organizations making uh-oh’s all the time. Expected and impossible to avoid. Sometimes they’re relatively minor uh-ohs, other’s are uh-oh’s so big it makes you want to run and hide. This recent uh-oh I read about is one that not only made me want to hide, but look for my passport. The Facts […]

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ND Attorney General Says “No, No, No” To Shelter’s Executive Meetings

Well, had a “wowza” moment after reading about this. The Board of a North Dakota animal shelter held closed sessions (executive meetings) twice last Fall to discuss terminating an Executive Director and the possibility of a lawsuit as a result. The first closed session was to talk about the Executive Director and other personnel issues. […]

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When A Nonprofit Proxy Goes Wrong, Really Wrong

And honestly, if a Director can’t put in the time (be it a legitimate excuse like football season or otherwise) a proxy appointment is of least concern. They should probably step down and sit on an advisory committee. You know. Every now and again I chant for a teaching tool, just a little something to help get a point across. […]

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Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From the Hershey’s Controversy

  I’ve kept up with the Hershey’s controversy on and off for a little while now. For those not familiar, the Boards of Hershey’s Trust and School (yes, the chocolate) were being accused of all kinds of indiscretions and abuses. I was happy to see the ordeal recently brought to a close, with the Boards cleared […]

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Public Disclosure: Figuring Out What Documents To Make Available

Ironically, while politicians focus on what some nonprofits won’t share there are still tons of organizations struggling with what to share. In fact,  “what do I need to disclose to the public” is a question that, at least for me, comes up pretty often. But disclosure is a tough topic. Primarily because there are so […]

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