How Your Business Can “Do Good” While Making Money

Happy belated Thanksgiving folks!

Hoping you and yours had a good one. Snatching a chance to catch-up, after a busy two weeks. Got to hang out with change-maker’s at the Nonprofit Institute earlier last week, pep talk kick-butt lawyers (to be) at the University of Houston, grace a panel discussion with a few pioneers to talk about GRIT and cap off the week hanging with the cool kids at University of St. Thomas’ Business Symposium.

At the symposium I also gave a talk on social entrepreneurialism. It includes a definition for those who want to learn more. Then I give examples of how your everyday business can incorporate aspects of social entrepreneurialism into what they do without running operations on vegetable oil or working in developed countries. In other words, I give you practical ways any business can make a positive impact, while making money. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Key takeaways from the talk?

  1. Doing good and making money ain’t that hard, trust me.
  2. You don’t have to wear horn-rimmed glasses and eat avocado toast to be a social entrepreneur. There’s room for everyone!
  3. Social entrepreneurialism isn’t so much a thing, as it is a mindset. Remembering this makes it easier to incorporate into the business.
  4. There are pillars of social entrepreneurialism that translates across the board, and are important for any type of business in any industry. At least one that wants to be successful.
  5. Not thinking about social entrepreneurialism and your business is the equivalent to eating a pizza with kale on top, you’re setting yourself up for dissapointment. The literature and studies have been conclusive. A majority (over 50%) of consumers these days are considering impact when making purchase decisions.

With that, here is the powerpoint and audio. Enjoy, and message me if you have any questions!





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