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Go to law school. Make stellar grades. Get a job at a big firm. Be happy.


This was the equation we 1L’s were given during law school orientation, and subsequently, that’s what I went with. However, there was one thing we weren’t told. It would have been nice if in the middle of orientation, in true attorney fashion, someone would have made the disclaimer, “Oh, by the way. Should one of the worst economic depressions seen since the Great Depression occur the year you graduate, there will be mass pandemonium  leaving most of you without job offers.”

But we weren’t. And that’s what happened.

So, after I got over the various stages of grieving, and no longer wanted to chunk myself off a balcony, I set out to check some things off my bucket list while I waited on Bar results. I started this blog, got to clerk for an incredible museum, began doing work with non-profits and became  a board member for a non-profit. Actually several. And as luck would have it, ended up at an incredible Fortune 500 company three weeks after I passed the Bar.

Fast forward to today. It has been incredible marrying the two things that make me insanely happy; the law and non-profit’s. When I’m not doing my in-house counsel duties during the day I spend my “free time” counseling  non-profits, writing guest posts, blogging here, helping out with grants, presenting….on and on. I’m also on a few boards and recently accepted a Chair position with a local grants initiative (so excited!).

Notations on Nonprofits

So, my crusade (how cliche) has become providing non-profits with legal resources that help them help other’s. In the annals of this blog you’ll find my take on legal issues that I feel greatly impact nonprofit/exempt organizations. But rather than list a parade of horribles, I try to talk more about what organizations need to do and how to go about doing it. So I’m constantly posting resource templates and education materials. In fact, if there’s something you don’t see, that you’d like to see, just give me a hollar’.

So enough with the dissertation. If you have any other questions, want to know more about me or just want to talk PLEASE feel free to contact me, take a look at my website www.erinemcclarty.com or see my other projects here.

Erin McClarty


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